Putting the Xyience Story To Bed & Waiting For The Ultimate Judgment Day

By: Rich Bergeron [mpinpage] It is so hard to even imagine the day when the Xyience sage will really be over for me. Back when all this began I had a feeling it might be the kind of story that could define my career someday. It’s been nearly two-and-a-half years since the lawsuit paperwork reached […]

Xyience, Inc. Liquidation Trustee Files Complaint Against Fertitta Enterprises And Former Company Executives

Latest Xyience Case Update By: Rich Bergeron [mpinpage]   The Usual Suspects, including all the characters pictured below and Fertitta Enterprises GM William Bullard, are implicated in a new civil suit. The case, filed by the Xyience Bankruptcy Liquidation Trustee David Herzog Tuesday, is finally unearthing the scandal I’ve been reporting on here on this […]

Station Casinos’ Executives Out To Lunch Without a Cell Phone: What’s the Potential UFC Impact?

By: Rich Bergeron $900 an hour lawyers should know better than to come into a casino bankruptcy without an open dialogue going with state gaming regulators. Yet, Station Casinos attorneys were caught with their pants down by the Reno, Nevada judge handling the case recently. It seems there has been no effort to even contact […]

Station Casinos Collapse Backing UFC-owning Fertitta Brothers into a Corner

By: Rich Bergeron When it rains, it pours for the Fertitta family. Last Friday the patriarch Frank Fertitta, Jr. died while undergoing treatment for heart disease in a California hospital. The death comes at the tail end of a long and painful campaign of pending bankruptcy that finally ended in the Chapter 11 proceedings that […]

ACCESS DENIED: Fertitta Friendly Global Cash Access May Lose Arizona License

By: Rich Bergeron     [mpinpage] Arizona’s gaming authorities recently took a bold stand against a company called Global Cash Access by filing a notice of intent to deny state certification for the merchant services company, which has suspiciously tight connections with Station Casinos and Fertitta Enterprises. Most news reports about the Arizona developments barely […]


  [mpinpage] Several reports came out today detailing the financial troubles of Station Casinos that are now coming to a very interesting crescendo. Station Casinos is managed and partially owned by the same Fertittas who are the 90% owners of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It looks like bankruptcy is truly imminent, and the Fertitta Family […]

Help me Raise $8,000 To Fight For Free Speech

CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO DONATE $10.00 to my freedom of speech lawsuit against Xyience and Fertitta Enterprises

Global Economic Crisis Devestating Worldwide Gaming Interests

by: Rich Bergeron Over the past few months the economic crisis gripping our nation hit with full fury and is promising to only get worse. From corporate giants to Casino barons, everyone is feeling the pinch. The Fight Industry and Sports in general will no doubt be a hard hit sector of the economy as […]

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